Friday, August 29, 2008

YES - It's Sarah Palin

What an amazing pick by McCain - I am totally thrilled. OK, why am I so thrilled?

1: This totally removes the air from the Democratic Convention and last night's speech by Obama - in fact his speech is now relegated to not even worth talking about. McCain has totally seized the press attention with this, and will control the news cycle through the Republican convention.

2: Who is the agent of change now? Palin got to be Governor by challenging the corrupt (GOP) party machine in Alaska and winning. Did Obama challenge the (corrupt) Democratic machine in Chicago? That would be a NO!

3: Excellent (and lived in her own life) credentials on the pro-life issues. Plus, a true conservative - this energizes the base for McCain, and that potential problem has now gone away.

4: While she is new on the political scene, she actually has executive experience, which NONE of the other three ticket people have. Running a country or a state is different from being a senator.

5: She KNOWS energy, and energy is and should be a huge issue for the US right now. She knows we have to both drill and investigate and implement alternative energy solutions. McCain will take the Democrats to the woodshed on drilling now and it will work.

Two lesser points worth making:

A: This is historic for the GOP, in just the same way that Obama is historic for the Democrats. And as a woman, she will bring a certain attraction to the GOP ticket for all the PUMAs who are feeling dissed by Obama.

B: She is way cute!

All in all, a great choice. One that excites me, and I suspect a whole lot of other GOP folk around the country. Well done, Maverick!

And here's a photo:

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